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Home Ec Project:
No-Sew Envelope Pillow

This project is so simple that you can make as many as you want for various rooms as well as for several different holidays. Combine this easy project and a celebrating the holiday lesson.

For a 15 square pillow, you will need:

a 17-inch fabric square for pillow front
a 17-inch by 23 -inch fabric piece for pillow back and flap
1-inch wide paper-backed fusible web tap
polyester fiberfill
fabric glue
5/8-inch diameter hook and loop fastener


1. For flap on pillow back fabric piece, fuse web tape along one short edge (top edge) of pillow back fabric piece. Do no remove paper backing. Fold top corners diagonally to wrong side and press. Unfold corners and remove paper backing. Refold corners and fuse in place.

2. Using the fusible web, make a 1-inch hem along one edge (top edge) of pillow front fabric square.

3. Fuse web tape along remaining edges on right side of pillow front fabric squre. Remove paper backing. Matching side and bottom edges, place pillow front and pillow back fabric pieces right sides together. Fuse edges together. Do not clip seam allowances at corners. Turn pillow right side out and carefully push corners outward, making sure seam allowances lie flat; press.

4. Glue one side of hook and loop fastener to inside of flap at point. Making sure parts of fastener will meet, glue remaining side of fastener to front of pillow.

5. Stuff pillow with fiberfill and close flap.


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