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Science Fun:
Observing Without Your Eyes

When we are observing something, we primarily think of the sense of sight; however, there are other ways of observing. How else can you observe if you donít use your eyes?

Supplies Needed:

strawberry syrup
chocolate syrup
2 spoons
2 glasses

Project Directions:

1. Mix a glass of strawberry milk. Taste it.

2. Mix a glass of chocolate milk. Taste it.

3. Close your eyes. Smell each glass to find the chocolate milk.

4. Close your eyes. Find the strawberry milk.

Describe in writing the milk and syrup before and after mixing. Tell what senses you used to observe and describe the milk and syrup.

Describe the mixtures in writing when you had your eyes closed. Tell what senses you used to observe the mixtures with your eyes closed.

You may do this with a friend by blindfolding them and seeing if they can figure out which is the strawberry milk and which is the chocolate milk, without tasting them.

You can also do this activity using fruits and vegetables. After being blindfolded, you can touch and smell each fruit or vegetable to try and figure out which is which. See how many you get correct when you are only using the sense of smell. How many do you get correct if you are allowed to touch it?


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