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Jehovah's Giants:
A Dinosaur Unit Study - Lesson 8

© Cheryl Lazarus
reprinted with permission

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FIELD TRIP DAY!! You will need to go to a large park!
Measuring tape (or measuring wheel)
Book: Noah's Ark and the Flood * Audio Cassette: Buddy Davis

Before you leave the house, pray with the children for a safe journey to the park. Ask the Lord to let you be good witnesses to Him today while you are at the park. Pray for other kids to join you today or to come and ask what you are doing. Get in your car and go! Don't forget your Bibles and other supplies. It would be great if you can have 4 children with you today! Listen to Buddy Davis cassette while driving to and from park.

Open with prayer - and read the memory verse together (even if the children have it memorized now):

And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth…. Genesis 1:21a

Read Genesis chapter 7.

Get your measuring tape or measuring wheel and explain how to use the tool. The children should do the actual measuring with your assisting only as necessary. They will need to be instructed on how to make a "mark" at the end of the tape, so they can measure again and again until they have measured out the entire distance of the ark. Be patient, let them do all of the measuring - have them correct any errors they make, reminding them it is important that it be measured accurately. (We always do our best!) You can help them by writing down their measurements and helping them do the addition as necessary. They should gain the experience and understanding of measuring out the distances, from start to finish. If you have 4 children with you - have one child stand at each corner measurement of the ark. Have the fourth child make the final measurement. If you have less than 4 children, leave a mark of some kind at each corner - like a big rock or a stick that can easily be seen from the other corner). When they are all done measuring, one child will be standing at what would be the perimeter of the ark. This will help give them a good visual of how large the ark actually was. Remind the children also, that not only was the ark this large, but it was also 3 stories high!

If you can not find a park big enough - measure your neighborhood! Measure each block and figure out how many blocks it would take to reach the size of the ark. (Maybe 1/2, maybe 1 - 3 blocks). Walk the area discussing how many people and homes are in that area, how many pets each family may have, etc, etc. Or do both measuring projects. (time indicated for today's lesson is based on going to the park!)

Discuss how much work this must have been for Noah and how much dedication it took on his part. He worked faithfully on the ark for over 100 years.

Read the story "Noah's Ark and the Great Flood". Have children narrate story back to you. Teacher reviews writing and explains errors.

Spend the rest of the time in free-play PE!

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