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Science Fun: Make a Stargazer

When you are just beginning to learn the various constellations and their shapes, it is sometimes difficult to pick them out in the sky. A telescope is helpful, but not always available. This neat little project can help the brand new stargazer become familiar with the constellation shapes and make them more recognizable in the night sky.

Project Supplies:

an empty paper towel roll
aluminum foil
a needle
a hole punch
the constellation guide (see below)
rubber bands

Project Directions:

1. Put a piece of paper over one end of the paper towel roll and attach the paper with a rubber band. Punch a hole in the center of this paper. This is the hold you will look through.

2. Attach a piece of aluminum foil to the other end of the roll with a rubber band.

3. Cut out one of the constellation guides (see below). Hold the guide as a model over the aluminum foil. Carefully punch holes through the guide holes and through the aluminum foil with a needle or pin.

4. Remove the constellation guide and look through the eye hole on the other end of your constellation viewer. Look through the hold while pointing your view at a light source. IMPORTANT!! Never look directly at the sun, you can damage your eyes!!!

5. Repeat these steps for as many of the constellations as you want to view. You can also look up other constellations to view as well.

Constellation guide by month:

Nasa Site for Constellation Guides


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