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Rutherford B. Hayes:
A Presidential Unit

Rutherford Birchard Hayes was born 4 October 1822 in Delaware, Ohio. He died 17 January 1893 and served one term as US President from 1877 - 1881.

Political Party: Republican
Years Served: 1877 - 1881
Vice President(s): William A. Wheeler
Name of his parents: Rutherford Hayes and Sophia Birchard
Wife’s name: Lucy Webb
Yearly Salary as President: $50,000
Physical Stature: 5 feet, 8 ½ inches
State of Birth: Ohio

“Rutherford B. Hayes wanted to be a politician from the time he was a child. He was a Congressman and Governor of Ohio before becoming another ‘dark horse’ candidate for president. He won the Presidency by one vote in the Electoral College. Some people accused Hayes of ‘stealing’ the election. But he turned out to be so honest and hardworking that both his own party and the Democrats respected him. Because of the close election, Hayes promised not to run for a second term. Rutherford married Lucy Webb in 1852 and they had eight children. The Hayses were very religious. They invited people to the White House every Sunday evening to sing hymns.”

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Trivia Questions:

1. What were the names of the Hayes children? [Answer: Birchard Austin Hayes (1853-1926); James Webb Cook Hayes (1856-1934); Rutherford Platt Hayes (1858-1927); Joseph Thompson Hayes (1861-63); George Crook Hayes (1864-66); Fanny Hayes (1867-1950); Scott Russell Hayes (1871-1923); Manning Force Hayes (1873-74)]

2. What was the name of the presidential candidate that lost to Hayes by one electoral vote? [Answer: Samuel Tilden]

Of Note:

Hayes' father died a few months before he was born.

Of the five presidents who served in the Civil War, Hayes was the only one to be wounded.

Arriving in San Francisco on September 8, 1880, Hayes became the first president to visit the West Coast while in office.

Hayes was the first president to graduate from law school.

Mrs. Hayes was known as "Lemonade Lucy" because she refused to serve alcohol in the White House.

Lucy Hayes was the first Fist Lady to have graduated from college.

He won the presidency by only one electorial vote.

He signed the act that permitted women to plead before the Supreme Court.

The first White House telephone was installed, by Alexander Graham Bell himself, during the Hayes administration.

The first Easter egg roll on the White House lawn was conducted by Hayes and his wife.


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