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Little House on the Prairie:
Trivia Questions

These trivia questions will go great with a literature unit or as comprehension questions for Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Check the Learning with Little House index for more ideas.


1. What river do the Ingallses first cross when they leave the Big Woods?

Answer: The Mississippi

2. What kind of horses are Pet and Patty?

Answer: Western mustangs

3. What little animals do Laura and Mary try to catch?

Answer: Gophers

4. Why does Laura call Pet’s new colt Bunny?

Answer: Because he looks like a rabbit.

5. What state does Mr. Edwards tell Laura he is from?

Answer: Tennessee

6. What song does Pa play as Mr. Edwards goes home?

Answer: “Old Dan Tucker”

7. What three things do the cowboys give Pa?

Answer: a cow, a calf, and a hunk of beef

8. Where are the cowboys heading with their cattle?

Answer: Fort Dodge, Kansas

9. What does Pa make for Ma when he is getting over the fever ‘n ague?

Answer: a rocking chair

10. Why won’t Ma let Laura and Mary eat watermelon?

Answer: Because she things it causes fever ‘n ague.

11. What special gift for the house does Pa bring from Independence?

Answer: window glass

12. Why do Laura and Mary think they will have no Christmas?

Answer: Because they think the creek is too high for Santa Clause to cross.

13. Who comes unexpectedly for Christmas?

Answer: Mr. Edwards.

14. How many sweet potatoes does Mr. Edwards bring?

Answer: Nine

15. What makes the scream in the night?

Answer: A Panther

16. What presents for Laura and Mary does Pa bring back from town?

Answer: hair combs

17. What is the name of the Osage Pa talks to in the woods?

Answer: Soldat de Chene

18. Who does Pa give the cow and calf to?

Answer: Mr. Scott


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