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Colonial Craft: Soup Can Lantern

Here is a really neat project that is made out of recycled materials. It is easy enough that you can supervise younger children to complete this, or older children can do this pretty much on their own. Some of these are quite lovely when they are completed.

Project Supplies:

cans, washed and dried
nails, various sizes
water and freezer
candle, optional

Project Directions:

1. Fill can with water and freeze until solid (2 days works well)

2. Draw design on can, if desired, or work free hand. (Hint: Try your name, a picture, or a seasonal or theme idea.)

3. Put frozen can on pillow or towel while working or a thick layer of newspaper.

4. Use any size nails to make holes by hammering on design.

5. Insert thin wire or coat hanger through holes for hanging.

6. Insert candle and light up the wick.

Project Variations and Uses:

1. Use for outdoor party table decoration.

2. Use for holiday decoration.

3. Try snipping edges with tin snips, but use caution. Sharp!


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