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Fun Food: Chicken in a Bucket

Home Economics doesn't have to be the same old "boring" activities every time. Its actually a very fun and entertaining subject so long as you go about it with the right attitude. In this case, how would you like to learn to cook a chicken in a bucket?! This also is a great camping food. The result is much more tender and tasty than you might think.

Chicken in a BUCKET

What You'll need:

Whole chicken
Wooden stake
Metal bucket
Aluminum foil


Start charcoal in a charcoal chimney well before planned mealtime. It must be very hot.

Season your whole chicken. Somewhere near or in your fire ring, put a piece of foil on the ground. Hammer a wooden stake into the ground in the center of the foil. Wrap the stake with foil and put a ball of foil on top of it for the chicken to rest on. The stake should be in the ground far enough so that when you place a bucket upside down over it, the bucket will touch the ground. Place the chicken onto the dowel rod. (Rod should go up into the chicken cavity.) Place the bucket upside down over the chicken. Put coals on top of the bucket and around the bottom. Chicken should be done in about one hour.

Variations: Roast beef in a can - stick the roast onto a dowel rod. Use a knife to start a hole to put onto rod.


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