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Learning With Little House:
Farmer Boy Trivia

Here is the next installment in the EasyFunSchool's column on Learning with Little House. For more information on the Learning with Little House article series, check out the index link below.

These trivia questions were taken from the third volume of the Little House on the Prairie series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. The book is called Farmer Boy and deals with Almanzo Wilder's childhood.


1. In what state does Almanzo live?

2. Who is Mr. Corse?

3. What is the name of the town near Almanzo's father's farm?

4. What does Almanzo pack the ice in to keep it cold?

5. What color are Star and Bright?

6. What does Almanzo say to his calves to make them turn left?

7. What kind of berries does Almanzo dig out of the snow and eat?

8. Who rides in a large, bright-red cart pulled by a white horse?

9. How does Almanzo keep up with Father and his older brother Royal during sheep-shearing chores?

10. What does Almanzo plant by the dark of the moon?

11. Who do Mother and Father go visit for a week?

12. What does Almanzo throw against the parlor wall?

13. What does Almanzo win first prize for at the country fair?

14. What kind of shoes does Father think Almanzo is big enough to wear when the cobbler comes?

15. How much money is in Mr. Thompson's wallet?

16. What is the name of the colt Father gives Almanzo?


1. New York state.

2. Almanzo's school teacher.

3. Malone.

4. Sawdust.

5. Red.

6. "Haw!"

7. Wintergreen berries.

8. The tin-peddler.

9. He plays a joke by hiding an unshorn sheep in the loft.

10. Pumpkin seeds.

11. Uncle Andrew.

12. The blacking brush.

13. A pumpkin.

14. Boots.

15. Fifteen hundred dollars.

16. Starlight.

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