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Garret Hobart:
A Vice Presidential Unit

Garret Hobart died in office as the 24th Vice President of the United States. He served from March 4, 1897- November 21, 1899. Hobart was a very active member in the Republican Party and began his political career as member of the Paterson City council. Prior to this, he made a living as a judge. He served on numerous councils including the New Jersey General Assembly, the New Jersey Senate, New Jersey Republican State Committee and the Republican National committee. On two occasions, Hobart was offered the Republican nomination for Governor, but declined. He did end this trend, by accepting the nomination for Vice President, as William McKinley’s running mate. After two years in office, Hobart suffered heart failure and died on November 21, 1899. During his two years in office, he was able to gain a great deal of influence over McKinley. Unlike other Vice Presidents, Hobart was both a close friend, and trusted advisor of the President.

Political Party: Republican

President: William McKinley

Name of his Parents: Sophia Vanderveer and Addison Willard Hobart

Spouse(s): Esther Jane Tuttle

Yearly Salary as Vice President: $8,000

State of Birth: New Jersey

Trivia Questions:

1) Hobart is one of how many Vice Presidents that have died while in office?

2) Who replaced Hobart after his death in 1899?
The position remained vacant until McKinley's second term.

Of Note:

- Hobart graduated first in his class from Rutgers in 1863.
- Hobart is known as one of the powerful Vice Presidents in history, because of his strong relationship with President McKinley.


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