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George Clinton:
A Vice Presidential Unit

George Clinton was the fourth vice president of the United States of America. He was born July 26, 1739 in New York, and passed away April 20, 1812. His vice presidential terms were from 1805 to 1812. George Clinton was an American soldier, politician, father, and often times considered one of the founding fathers of the American nation. Early life for George Clinton was often influenced by his father Charles Clinton who was an English immigrant, yet an extremely important political figure for the state of New York, serving as a member for the colonial assembly. George Clinton’s desire and passion for politics was put on hold as he enrolled in the British Army at 18 to fight in the French and Indian war. During his time in the British Army, Clinton gained prestigious ranking and acknowledgment, which eventually led him to rise in ranking to lieutenant. Clinton’s political career was extensive, ranging from positions such as the County Clerk for Ulster County, New York, all the way to his eventual greatest political success, being selected as the vice president for Thomas Jefferson, and then again for James Madison.

Political Party: Democratic- Republican

President: Thomas Jefferson 1805-1809, James Madison 1809-1812

Family Members:Father - Charles Clinton, Wife- Sarah Cornelia Tappen

Trivia Questions:

1) What did George Clinton die from?
Heart Attack

2) How many children did George Clinton have?

3) What city has a gilded equestrian sculpture of George Clinton?
Washington D.C.

Of Note:

- There are multiple, towns, colleges, and cities named after George Clinton
- He was printed on the reverse side of the two dollar bill.
- In 2000, the state of New York renamed the Kingston- Rhinecliff Bridge in honor of George Clinton.


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