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George Dallas:
A Vice Presidential Unit

George M. Dallas was the eleventh vice president of the United States of America. Born July 10, 1792 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and passed away December 31, 1864. His vice presidential term was from 1845-1849 serving under James K. Polk. George M. Dallas had an extensive political career throughout his life, and graduated from College of New Jersey, now formerly known as Princeton University. Early out of college, he had a deep desire to fight in the War of 1812, but never ended up going due to conflicts with his father. However, rather than being on the battlefield, Dallas was quite a well-known peacemaker and diplomat between countries, serving as a diplomat for the United States in order to sign a treaty to dismember the war in 1812. His political career was vast, some of his earliest jobs were being mayor of Philadelphia until eventually being elected vice president under James K. Polk for the democratic party. After his run as vice president, Dallas went to Britain where he was appointed Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary before returning to his home retired in Pennsylvania.

Political Party: Democratic

Years Served: 1845 - 1849

President: James K Polk.

Family Members: Alexander James Dallas and Arabella Smith Dallas Ė Father & Mother

Trivia Questions:

1) Where did George M. Dallas go for law school?
He stayed in Pennsylvania

2) Where was his first diplomatic meeting located?

3) How many other children were there besides George?

Of Note:

- It is debated that the city of Dallas, Texas was named after George M. Dallas
- George M. Dallas was a district attorney for the eastern district of Pennsylvania in 1829, a position his father had held from 1801 to 1814
- Philadelphia-based "Family party" was led by Dallas
- Dallasís fatherís death was the reason of which why he quit law.


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