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Henry Wilson:
A Vice Presidential Unit

Henry Wilson was the 18th Vice President of the United States and served from February 16, 1812- November 22, 1875). Wilson was born February 16, 1812 in Farmington, New Hampshire. In the years preceding his rise into politics, Wilson had varying professions as a teacher, shoemaker and owner/editor of the Boston Republican. After unsuccessful attempts of becoming a member of Congress and Governor of Massachusetts, he found his place as a Republican Senator, serving from 1859-1873. It was Wilsonís success as Senator and the decline in support for Colfax that led to his shift as the Vice Presidential candidate. Wilson had major health problems once entering office, suffering a stroke in 1873, but still preformed the duties of his office. At the age of 63, Wilson died on November 22, 1875.

Political Party: Republican

President: Ulysses S. Grant

Name of his Parents: Winthrop Colbath, Jr. and Abigail Colbath

Spouse(s): Harriet Malvina Howe Wilson

State of Birth: New Hampshire

Trivia Questions:
1) What is Henry Wilsonís birth name?
Jeremiah Jones Colbath

2) How and where did Wilson die?
A stroke in the United States Capital Building

Of Note:

- Wilson died in the office, two years into his term as Vice President.
- Wilson was a well-established writer, he published many works on Anti-Slavery measures and The Rise and Fall of the Slave Power in America (1872-77)


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