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Horse Unit Study

Important things to know about one of the most special types of animals in the world.

Horses are a beautiful animal that range in various sizes, colors, and breeds. Horses for some are seen as a wishful house pet, or a loving companion. Others see horses as means for possible income, or for a form of competition. These strong and fascinating animals have always proved to be a very reliable form of travel for many centuries, acting as a staple for various cultures, kingdoms, and countries. Horses to many people are seen as a gift in some sort of form, one that helped mankind flourish into the society that it is today.

Fun Facts:

There are 75 million horses in the world
A healthy adult horse should have a pulse of between 36 and 40 beats per minute while at rest
A horse’s heart weighs nine pounds
A horse’s teeth can be used to estimate its age


1) What is a female horse known as?
a. Filly

2) How long do horses generally lay down for during a single day?
a. 43.5 minutes a day

3) Horses younger than 4 years old can only concentrate for how many minutes?
a. 10-15 minutes


"Show me your horse, and I will tell you who you are".
- Old English saying


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