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How To Calculate Percentage Decrease

How to calculate percentage decrease (with two examples)
A percent decrease is computed when a quantity grows smaller. To calculate the percentage decrease you should use the basic formula below:

Percent decrease = (Original Amount New Amount)
Original Amount

For example:
Last week, there were 400 people who attended church. This week, 200 people attended church. What is the percentage decrease? First, you find the difference between the two numbers (400 200 = 200) to find how much the total decrease is. Then you divide the number you come with by the original amount (200/400 = .5). The final step is to move the decimal to the right two places to get the number in percentage form. Thus, the final answer is a 50 percent decrease in church attendance.

Another example:
Yesterday, there were 10 cookies in the cookie jar. Today, only 3 cookies remain in the jar. What is the percentage decrease?
Step 1: 10 3 = 7
Step 2: 7/10 = .7
Step 3: Move the decimal to the right two places to get a percentage decrease of 70%.


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