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Age 9 - How To Each About Money Denominations

Teaching your child about money denominations is important. After they have some knowledge on numbers, teaching them about money is a great way for them to apply what they have learned. The first concept you should teach your child is the comparisons between the different types of coins in terms of their size and value. So go over what each coin looks like and teach them that a penny represents 1, a nickel represents 5 (5 pennies), a dime represents 10 (10 pennies) and so on. By relating each denomination to pennies, it will help your child learn the difference in value quickly.

After your child has learned the value of each coin, you can start to teach them how 100 pennies equal one dollar, 10 dimes equal one dollar and so on. You can easily teach them by having a bag full of pennies and having your child count out 100 pennies. After your child counts out 100 pennies, place a dollar bill next to the coins and make the equivalence between the pennies and the dollar. After they have learned this concept, you can move on to nickels, dimes, and so on.


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