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Human Body Unit Study

An understanding of the human body have been instrumental in many of the medical break throughs that we have had

The human body to scientists today can best be described as something unique. The human body is truly one of the most complex and interesting things on the planet earth. Various tissues, bones, ligaments, cartilages, skin, and other various molecules all make up this abstract composition known as the human body.

Fun Facts:

The average cough comes out of your mouth at 60 miles (96.5 km) per hour.
When you sneeze, all your bodily functions stop even your heart.
Relative to size, the strongest muscle in the body is the tongue.
The average human blinks their eyes 6,205,000 times each year.


1) True or False: Hair is made up of the same molecules as your hair?
a. True

2) How much of the human body is comprised of water?
a. 80%

3) How many miles of nerves does the human body consist of?
a. 45 miles


The human body is a machine which winds its own springs.
~Julien Offroy de la Mettrie


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