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Game Time: Slapjack

This game encourages sharp eyes and speekdy reactions. The only equipment needed is a standard deck of cards and a sturdy surface to play on..

Number of Players: 2 to 5
Place: Anywhere there is a sturdy surfact, such as the floor or a table top
Equipment: a standard deck of playing cards

Game Directions:

One of the easiest card games of all times so it can be used with very young children. You don't need any matching or sequencing skills so this could also be a good game for special needs children. All a child needs to be able to do is recognize the Jack in the card deck. Alternately you could play with a different kinds of playing cards and use a different card for your "jack."

Now, the one rule that you must impose on this game is that the hand slapping involved is to be GENTLE. Sometimes the little ones get a little over excited.

To play, everyone picks a card, and the one who draws the highest card gets to shuffle the whole deck and deal out all of the cards. Each player then places their cards face down in front of them. The object of the game is to simply win all of the cards.

The player on the dealer's left goes first by laying the top card from their pile fuce up in the center of the playing area. The next player does the same, placing their card face up on top of the one just put down by the previous player. This continues until eventually someone will lay down a Jack (or your "jack" from an alternative kind of card deck). As soon as a Jack appears, all the players try to slap their hands on top of it.

The first one to slap the jack gets the whole pile.

The player who slapped the jack first then starts the play all over again by putting one card face up in the center and the player on his or her left continues.

If a player gets over eager and slaps a card that IS NOT A JACK, then that player must give each of the other players one card.

A person who is out all of his or her cards is not automatically out of the game. Instead, they must watch carefully while the others play on and try to slap the next Jack placed on the pile. If they miss that time, then they are out completely.

The first person to collect all of the cards is the winner.


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