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Thomas Hendricks:
A Vice Presidential Unit

Thomas Hendricks was born on September 7, 1819, near Zanesville, Ohio, U.S. He was a son of a farmer and a deputy surveyor of lands. He graduated from Hanover College and was admitted to the bar in 1843. In 1848, he became a representative in the Indiana legislature and from 1851-1855, he served as a member of the United States House of Representatives. Right after, he served as a commissioner of the U.S. General Land Office until 1859 then he became a Senator from Indiana in 1863. From January 13, 1873 – January 8, 1877 he served as the 16th governor of Indiana. He ran for Vice President in 1876 but he lost. He was later nominated again in 1884 and was finally elected but died nine months later after his inauguration on November 25, 1885.

Political Party: Democratic

Years Served: March 4 – November 25, 1885

President: Grover Cleveland

Name of his parents: John and Jane Thomson Hendricks

Wife’s name: Eliza C. Morgan Hendricks

Education: Hanover College

State of Birth: Ohio

Trivia Questions:

1. What’s the name of his only child?

2. How many attempts has he made to become a governor of Indiana?

3. How long did he serve as Vice President?
9 months

Of Note:

-Samuel Tilden was his presidential running mate the first time he was the vice-presidential nominee.
-He is the nephew of William Hendricks.
-He moved to Indiana from Ohio in 1820.


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