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Titanic Unit Study

Titanic was one of the most famous movies of all time and as this ship continues to be talked about

The Titanic, a gorgeous cruise ship that set sail on April 15, 1912, left the harbor from South Hampton England in attempt to travel all the way down to New York. Unfortunately this sink proof ship, faced a glacier. Killing 1,517 people, the Titanic is known as one of the deadliest peacetime maritime disasters in the history. At the time it was the largest passenger steam ship, with over 2,200 people on board, the titanic set sail as one of the most innovated and new types of boats that was built from some of the top engineers.

Fun Facts:

There were a multitude of social classes present on the boat, from the richest of the times, down to lower middle class.
The ship contained a heated swimming pool, a first for any sailing vessel.
The ship was still so brand new when passengers boarded it on April 10, 1912 that the paint was still wet in some spots.
The Titanic's weight fully loaded was 46,328 tons.


1) What was the top speed of the Titanic?
a. 23 knots

2) True or false, the titanic was more than 770 feet long?
a. True, it was 882 feet long

3) Who was the captain of the ship?
a. Captain Smith


The Titanic will protect itself.
- Robert D. Ballard


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