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William Wheeler:
A Vice Presidential Unit

William A. Wheeler served as the 19th Vice President of the United States under President Hayes from March 4, 1861 to March 3, 1863. Born in Malone, New York on June 30, 1819, Wheeler was a product of very humble beginnings. Though he did not have the financial ability to finish his education at the University of Vermont, Wheeler was able to study law and was admitted to the bar. From early on, Wheeler was very committed to his home state of New York and served as part of the New York State Assembly, New York State Senate and was named President of the New York State Constitutional Convention. Though Wheeler was a dedicated politician, standing behind the principles of honesty and equality, he was also not incredibly outspoken and was therefore not very well-known outside of New York. However, his talent was not overlooked and was selected as Vice President by the New York delegation of the Republican Convention. Wheeler was well-liked by the President, but did not have many duties besides handling the Senate. He was not considered for President when Hayes declined a second term. William A. Wheeler died in his birthplace of Malone, New York on June 4, 1887.

Political Party: Republican

President: Rutherford B. Hayes

Name of his Parents: Almon Wheeler and Eliza Woodwroth

Spouse(s): Mary King

Yearly Salary as Vice President: $8,000

State of Birth: New York

Trivia Questions:

1) How many terms did Wheeler serve on the Untied States Congress?
5; 1861-1853 and 1869-1877

2) Did Wheeler hold any non-political positions in his career?
Yes; President of New York Northern Railroad

Of Note:

- At first, Wheeler’s mention as a Vice Presidential candidate was a joke.
- Throughout his political career, Wheeler never introduced any new legislation.


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