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Art Activities

Art Lessons and Activities Index

This list contains the art lessons and projects available on EasyFunSchool. For holiday-specific arts and crafts check out our Holiday Index!

Alum Playdough
Backpack Tags
Batik Fabric
Beet Dye
Book Binding Glue
Bread Slice Clay
Cast a Faux Alabaster Figure
Cast a Faux Marble Sculpture
Chocolate Fudge Clay
Coffee Dye
Coffee Grounds Playdough
Colored Glue
Colored Rice or Pasta
Coloring Book T-shirts
Cornmeal Playdough
Cranberry Dye
Create a Fresco
Designer Cloth with Crayons
Easy Stained Glass Windows for Kids
Easy Tye Dye
Edible Aquarium
Edible Fun Dough
Edible Paper
Edible Spice Playdough
Eggshell Chalk
Fire Breathing Dragon Bookmarks
Flour Clay
Frosting Clay
Glitter Gel
Glow in the dark chalk
Glue-Shampoo Playdough
Granola Clay
Homemade Colored Paper
Homeschool Float Project
Homemade Glitter Wand
Homemade Kaleidoscope
Hypoallergenic Clay
Inexpensive Oily Soap Paints
Inexpensive Soap Crayons
Instant Rice Paste
Jello Playdough
Kool Aid Tye Dye
Line Hunt
Magnet Painting
Make An Art Book
Make Your Own Stickers
Marigold Dye
Marbled Paper
Marzipan Clay
Melon Seed Necklaces
Mustard Dye
Oat Playdough
Paper Beads
Paper From Nature
Paper From Plants
Paper Mache Pulp
Paper Models
Pearly Clay
Peppermint Playdough
Plaster of Paris Dinosaur Eggs
Purple Cabbage Dye
Rag Paper
Sand Clay
Sand Modeling Clay
Scratch-n-Sniff Watercolors
Shrunken Apple Heads
Sidewalk Chalk
Sidewalk Paint
Simulated Snow
Sized Paper
Spinach Dye
Styrofoam Tray Shrinks
Tea Dye
Tea Leaf Playdough
Tissue Paper Beads
Transfer Ink
Treasure Rocks
Walnut Shell Dye
Waterproof Glue
Window Clings


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