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Educational Games and Puzzles Index

This index lists most of the games and puzzles available on EasyFunSchool. There may be some overlap in other indexes. For additional puzzles, check individual academic subjects.

Games for Life, Games for Learning:

Game Time: All On One Side
Game Time: Authors
Game Time: Auto Trip
Game Time: Balloon Bust
Game Time: Barnyard
Game Time: Big Wind Blows
Game Time: Blind Man's Bluff
Game Time: Catching the Dragon's Tail
Game Time: Colored Eggs
Game Time: Escape From the Plant Of ...
Game Time: Fight For My Attention
Game Time: George
Game Time: Guess Who
Game Time: Ha Ha Ha
Game Time: Hot and Cold
Game Time: How Do You Feel?
Game Time: Islands
Game Time: My Name Is
Game Time: Slap Jack
Game Time: Tongue Twisters
Game Time: A What?
Game Time: Word Lightning
Game Time: Zip Zap

International Games:

International Games: Ampe (Ghana)
International Games: Bamboo Bottle Cap Bounce (Brazil)
International Games: Banyoka (Zambia)
International Games: Chigora Danda (Zimbabwe)
International Games: Cinco Marias
International Games: Da Ga (Ghana)
International Games: Hamesh Avanim (Israel)
International Games: Jamaquack (Australia)
International Games: Kudoda (Zimbabwe)
International Games: Marbles (Laos)
International Games: Pick Up Sticks (Laos)
International Games: Ram, Ram, Rip (Malaysia)
International Games: Silence is Golden (Egypt)
International Games: Wan, Tu, Zum (Malaysia)


Mixed Fruit (puzzle)
Mixed Vegetables (puzzle)
Mixed-Up Books of the Bible (puzzle)
Mixed-Up Christmas Carols (puzzle)
Mixed-Up Mammals (puzzle)
Mixed-Up U.S. Presidents Part I (puzzle)
Mixed-Up U.S. Presidents Part II (puzzle)
Scrambled Thanksgiving (puzzle)


Skillbuilders: Preacher's Cat Game
Skillbuilders: The Spelling Bee and Variations


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