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United States Presidents Unit Studies

Presidents' Day is the THIRD MONDAY of February every year. Why not do something fun for Presidents Day -- like a mini unit study or a "lapbook"?

Jodi at HomeGrownHearts.com did a President's Day lapbook with her boys and she has some great links to other websites and activities, as well. Read all about it here:

HomeGrownHearts.com - Presidents' Day Lapbooking Project


This is our alphabetical listing the of the US Presidential unit studies available at EasyFunSchool. The units are being written in the order the presidents served and more will be added as the units are published.

Presidential Unit Studies:

Adams, John
Adams, John Quincy
Arthur, Chester
Buchanan, James
Bush, George H.W.
Carter, James E.
Cleveland, Grover
Clinton, William
Coolidge, Calvin
Eisenhower, Dwight D.
Fillmore, Millard
Ford, Gerald
Garfield, James A.
Grant, Ulysses S.
Harding, Warren G.
Harrison, Benjamin
Harrison, William Henry
Hayes, Rutherford B.
Hoover, Herbert
Jackson, Andrew
Jefferson, Thomas
Johnson, Andrew
Johnson, Lyndon B.
Kennedy, John F.
Lincoln, Abraham
Madison, James
McKinley, William
Nixon, Richard
Pierce, Franklin
Polk, James K.
Reagan, Ronald
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano
Roosevelt, Theodore
Taft, William H.
Taylor, Zachary
Truman, Harry S.
Tyler, John
Van Buren, Martin
Washington, George
Wilson, Woodrow


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