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Science Lessons and Activities Index

This index contains the science lessons and activities available on EasyFunSchool and includes both the "Science Fun" column as well as general science articles. Science-based themes will be added as they are completed (e.g., dinosaurs).

Science Fun:

Acids in Nature
Alum Crystals
Amazing Egg, part 1
Amazing Egg, part 2
Another Easy Solar Oven
Autumn Science
Blow Hard -- A Science Experiment
Blue Clouds -- An Edible Chemical Reaction
Burning Without Flame
Chopsticks and Bird Beaks
Collecting Trees
Cream of Tartar Crystals
Easy, Fun, and SAFE Explosions
Edible Rocks
Edible Sprouts
Epsom Salt Crystals
Epsom Salt Frost
Equalizing Air Pressure
Evolutionary Theory
Extracting Natural Flavors
Floating Crystals
Floating Egg, The
Flowers: Male and Female
Fragrant Science
Fruit Fly Farm
Fun Cave Diorama
Grow Edible Sprouts
Helpful Plants: Flowers
Homemade Hourglass
Homemade Lightning
Homemade Tornado
How Does a Filter Work?
How Do Your Lungs Work?
How Fast Do They Orbit?
How to Gross Your Mother Out in Three Ingredients or Less
How to Make a Homemade Thermometer
Human Body Unit Study
Leaf Litter
Leaf Scents
Lemon Battery
Lots O' Lava
Make a Stargazer
Make Your Own Camera
Make Your Own Geode Eggs
Make Your Own Magnifier
Modeling the Brain
Moldy Oldies
Moooving Milk
Observing Without Your Eyes
One Eye Or Two?
Pelean Eruption
Pennies of a Different Color
Plaster of Paris Dinosaur Egg
Plaster of Paris Fossil
Our Planets Orbit the Sun
The Relative Size of Planets
Rocket and Roll
A Rose By Any Other Name: A Science Unit of the Senses
Safe and Simple Science Rules
Salt and Vinegar Crystals
Science Summer
Seeds and Fruit
Seeds Are Baby Plants
Simple Machines
Simulating a Glacier
Singing Cake
Slam Dancing Spaghetti
Snowflakes and Sleet
Solar System Song
Sundial in a Pot
Taste of Outer Space
Testing a Hypothesis
Testing for Starch
Tracking of the Wild Plant
Two Tone Juice: A Lesson in Density
Universe in a Jar
Volcanoes and Earthquakes
Vulcanian Eruption
Whale Blubber


Jehovah's Giants: Introduction
Jehovah's Giants: Lesson 1
Jehovah's Giants: Lesson 2
Jehovah's Giants: Lesson 3
Jehovah's Giants: Lesson 4
Jehovah's Giants: Lesson 5
Jehovah's Giants: Lesson 6
Jehovah's Giants: Lesson 7
Jehovah's Giants: Lesson 8
Jehovah's Giants: Lesson 9
Jehovah's Giants: Lesson 10
Jehovah's Giants: Lesson 11
Jehovah's Giants: Lesson 12
Jehovah's Giants: Lesson 13
Plaster of Paris Dinosaur Egg
Plaster of Paris Fossil

Science, Miscellaneous:

Bird Watching With Children
Can Animals Predict the Weather
Chemistry Unit Study
Earth Science
How to Be A Good Scientist
How to Sterilize Water
Meet Your Teeth
Mixed-Up Elements
Pathology Pound Cake
Personal Health: Adolescence


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