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Gummy Bears Recipe

by Marianne E. Dambra

Here's a fun family project. These make great snacks and gifts as well. Instead of buying the expensive Gummi Bears at the confectioner's, make your own!


1 package flavored sugar free jello
6 packages unflavored gelatin
1/2 cup cold water


1. In a small saucepan, mix both the flavored and the unflavored gelatin.

2. Stir the gelatins up. Pour cold water in mixture and stir with a spatula until you have a gloppy-chunky blob not unlike play-doh.

3. Turn heat stove top burner on medium and melt blob.

4. Stir the blob constantly until melted.

5. Pour the melted mixture into miniature bear molds, or other small candy type molds.

6. Place filled molds in freezer for 10 minutes to cool.

Note: As stated, if you don't have miniature bear molds, you can use other molds. Or, you can do the following. Take the rack out of your toaster oven and put it on the counter. Drape a big sheet of aluminum foil over it. Cram the aluminum foil down into the gaps, leaving striplike molds. Presto! Gummy tapeworms. Yummy! You can also use cake or cooling racks for this.

[Note: You can also use other shapes of candy molds. These are plastic molds that you can find near the cake decorating supplies of your craft store. Wilton, known as a cake decorating supplier, is one company that sells these. However, even the very small ice cube trays or shaped ice cube trays that you find in kitchen supply stores can be used.]


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