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Homemade Gifts: Potpourri Gel

Here's a fun and unusual homemade gift for Christmas... or anytime. You could make it even more holiday oriented by choosing a potpourri scent such a pine, bayberry, or cinnamon.

Supplies for project:

1 C. concentrated liquid potpouri
2 envelopes Knox unflavored gelatine
Empty jar

Directions for project:

Heat potpourri until almost to a boil. Remove from heat and add 2 envelopes of gelatine. Stir to dissolve gelatine and pour into clean decorative jar. Place piece of plastic wrap over jar and secure with rubber band. Either place in refrigerator for quick set or leave out overnight on counter. Cover with piece of starched "lace" and wrap with ribbon to decorate.

Before using, remove plastic wrap and recover jar with lace cover.


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