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Decoupage Plates

This craft project is a little more detailed than many on my site. It is still wonderful though. Let the child(ren) choose the fabric and do the messy work. They make a wonderful and useful keepsake.

We have used Christmas fabric, but you can use any pattern for other holidays. The brightly colored patterns show through the glass very well.

This also makes a great project for scouts and other children's groups.

Adult supervision is recommended.

Supplies for the Project:

Mod Podge, or other decoupage sealer/glue
Foam paint brush
Clear glass plate -- note: I find these at yard sales, the dollar stores, and other discount stores for very little
Print cotton, or poly/cotton fabric
Razor blade
Coffee can or other object with a large diameter


1. Wash and dry the plate.

2. Lay the plate on your fabric and move the plate around until the pattern you see through the plate looks good.

3. Cut out the fabric. Leave about one inch of fabric beyond the edge of the plate.

4. Over newspaper, "paint" Mod Podge on the FRONT of the fabric. Make certain to coat the fabric well.

5. On another sheet of newspaper, lay the plate face down.

6. Spread the fabric over the back of the plate. You should pick up the plate and look through it to make sure you have the fabric positioned the way you want it.

7. Smooth out the bubbles in the fabric. Along the edges, smooth the fabric over the rim of the plate.

8. Once you have the fabric smoothed and you certain it is adhering to the rim, place the plate face down on a coffee can, or some other object with a large diameter, to dry. The Mod Podge will dry in a few hours, but if you can leave it overnight the excess fabric will be easier to trim.

9. Once the fabric is dry, trim the excess from the rim with the razor blade.

If you have gotten Mod Podge on the front of the plate you can scrape it off with your fingernail or rub it off with a dry, plastic dish scrubber.

The plate can't be submerged in water to wash it, but you can wipe off the face with a damp cloth.


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