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Fun Food: Cheap Pie

This is a really easy snack that even the youngest can help make. Simple snacks and fun foods are great ways of helping children practice their listening and following directions type skills. Not to mention the yummy reward at the end of the project!


* 2 slices bread
* margarine
* cinnamon sugar
* jam or fruit pie filling


Butter two slices of bread, place buttered side down on foil. spoon on fruit filling and cinnamon sugar. Place on top the other slice of buttered bread and pinch the edges together. Seal in foil and lay on the coals for 10 minutes or so, turn over for another 5 minutes.

Variations: use various kinds of bread, either store bought or homemade, such as white, wheat, sourdough, etc.

Vary your jams and/or fruit pie fillings. Use the more "exotic" fruit jams for a neat idea when studying about different regions ... guava, kiwi, green tomato, etc.

You can also use in-season fruit from home by mashing or slicing and adding a little sweetening such as sugar, brown sugar, honey, molasses, etc.


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