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Fun Food: Six Hour Root Beer

This isn't our typical Fun Food entry. This is a real technique for making rootbeer that requires close attention to the instructions. Have a blast with this one!


2 cup sugar
1 teaspoon yeast -- scant teaspoon
2 tablespoon root beer extract


Put ingredients in a gallon jug that has been sterilized, with about a quart of very warm water. [Note: Depending on your tap water quality, you may want to use bottled or filtered water from your grocery store.]

Stir until ingredients are well mixed.

Finish filling the jug with warm water. Let stand six hours (important: just lay the lid on top, do not screw on). At the end of the six hours, screw lid on and refrigerate.

Note: Use warm, not hot water. Hot water will kill the yeast.

Rootbeer extract is available in your grocery store in the section where you would find vanilla extract, orange extract, peppermint extract, spices, flavorings, etc.


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